Vadims Dmitrijevs is a jazz trombone player from Riga, Latvia. During his short career Vadims has already made a name for himself in the Baltic jazz scene performing with famous Latvian bands and musicians while also being a resident in prestigious jazz orchestras like Latvian Radio Big Band and Euroradio Jazz Orchestra.
Vadims also is proving to be a great composer. His debut album Chapter I has received praise from Latvian music critics and audience. His collaborative music pieces with multiple singers like Paula Saija (LV) and Cleo (DE) are always well received by the audience.
He began his musical journey at a young age and quickly developed a passion for jazz music. He studied at the prestigious Emils Darzins Music School and obtained a bachelor's degree in jazz music at the Jazeps Vitols Music Academy.
Throughout his career, Vadims has made a name for himself as a prominent and promising soloist. He has collaborated with numerous musicians and bands from Latvia, Europe, and United States. He had some success being a studio musician as well. He appeared on multiple jazz and pop albums as a sideman. But Vadims’ true passion has always been playing in orchestras. He had opportunities to work with many jazz orchestras during his short career. Some of these projects featured international stars like Bob Moses, Nils Landgren, Pierre Bertrand and China Moses and many more.
Currently residing and studying in Hamburg, Vadims is an active member of two local bands, "FlipFlap" and "Snice”. He leads his own Jazz quintet and collaborates with a local singer-Cleo on a songwriting project. He continues to develop his skills as a jazz trombone player and composer while pursuing his master's degree in Hamburg.
Chapter I is a set of 8 different musical pieces describing growth both mentally and physically during the first chapter of author’s life. Each song is a dedication to different emotions, people, places and ideas that combined together create an image of one’s personality. The author truly believes his music to be philosophical and hopes it would help the listener to dive into the memories of their own first chapters and steps in their grown up lives. Chapter I is a story of how the author became the person he is and what inspired him to make certain decisions in his life.

A jazz quintet of Hamburg based musicians which incorporates sounds from early 1960s hard-bop era music and blends it with the sounds and rhythms of the modern European jazz scene. The quintet was originally formed in 2021 by Latvian jazz trombone player - Vadims Dmitrijevs. The bands new original program is inspired by their influences,experiences and admirations gained in the city of Hamburg. These compositions were written mostly by Dmitrijevs who at the time of their creation was studying composition under professor Wolf Kerschek. His guidance,musical language and compositional techniques played a very important role during the writing process and his influence can be heard throughout the program.

Chapter I

Chapter I project is a very unique music band formed by Vadim to record his own original compositions. It is put together out of most talented young Latvian musicians as well as one more experienced professional player from Finland.
The group consists of Paula Saija (vocals), Tuomo Uusitalo (piano), Jānis Pastars(guitar), Toms Kursītis (bass), Pauls Kierpe (drums), Artūrs Sebris( saxophone),Reinis Purins (trumpet) and Vadim himself on trombone. The band is best heard on the recently released Chapter I album where it was also joined by vocalists Una Daniela Aizgale and Kitija Blūma as well as young piano player - Matīss Žilinskis


The Hamburg based band FlipFlap incorporates influences from funk, hiphop and jazz into their own compositions and arrangements. The band came together in the summer of 2020 and since then has been creating their sound, which is characterized by driving grooves and improvisation. In addition to their own compositions, FlipFlap pays tribute to the funk bands that have inspired the band on their journey. Lettuce, Incognito and Phat Phunktion are some of these funk bands that FlipFlap incorporates into their program and brings to life anew with their incomparable sound.